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Big Data, Small World: Kirk Borne at TEDxGeorgeMasonU
Guerilla tactics in goverment administration: Diomidis Spinellis at TEDxAcademy
The power of resilience: David Cooperrider at TEDxUNPlaza 2013
Guerrilla Public Health: Răzvan Cherecheş at TEDxEroilor
The Collapse of American Society
Ancestral ghosts in your genome | Michael Skinner | TEDxRainier
TEDxBandung - Ridwan Kamil - Saving Cities With Urban Farming
How mental health law discriminates against people with mental illness - Professor George Szmuckler
"How The FEDs Are Setting up Militia Groups"
Science of Thought | Caroline Leaf | TEDxOaksChristianSchool
What Is Free Will Free From? | Kenneth Dorter | TEDxGuelphU
Hope invites | Tsutomu Uematsu | TEDxSapporo
The Venus Project - Future By Design - Full documentary
The Adventure of Grief: Dr Geoff Warburton at TEDxBrighton
Extreme Creativity | Phil Davis | TEDxLeamingtonSpa
How to stop screwing yourself over | Mel Robbins | TEDxSF
TEDxManhattanBeach - Dan Burden - Creating Livable Communities
The Ugly Face of Disability Hate Crime - BBC Documentary
Next steps in health & medicine -- where can technology take us? | Daniel Kraft | TEDxBerlin
Smoking Gun Facts of 9/11 The Gov't Doesn't want You to Know About
An Interview with Sir Ken - Part One | Sir Ken Robinson | TEDxLiverpool
Designing business models for the poor | Jason Fairbourne | TEDxSaltLakeCity
Wade Davis: Cultures at the far edge of the world
Close the gap | James Fitzpatrick | TEDxPerth
Potential: Jordan Peterson at TEDxUofT
It is easy to talk about poverty... Hard to live it. | Ashley Williams | TEDxGuatemalaCity
A New Story of the People: Charles Eisenstein at TEDxWhitechapel
L'ottimismo come forma di lotta: Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini at TEDxFirenze
The power of confidence to change lives: Andrew Patterson at TEDxQueenstown
The Elite's Eugenics Agenda with Lord Monckton